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Fairer Place to Play

partypoker is committed to providing players of all levels with a host of rewards, a fun playing environment, tools to improve your game and most importantly, a level playing field.

After listening to player feedback, we are making changes to ensure that partypoker is an even fairer place to play.

Change of screen name:

On Monday, 17th June, all players were required to change their alias (screen name) the very next time they log into partypoker. This means every player, whether existing or new, casual or serious, started with a ‘clean slate’.

All player notes were also deleted on 17th June.

Level playing field:

partypoker offers a fairer place to play poker, with the following benefits open to all players:

  1. A cashback programme designed for serious players that pays up to 40% cashback, and even more for Diamond Club and Diamond Club Elite members
  2. A cashback programme designed for casual players, offering the chance to win weekly cash rewards by earning as little as 5 points
  3. Zero rake on bounties for Progressive Knockout (PKO) tournaments – meaning more of your buy-in goes into the prizepool
  4. Reduced fees on Turbo and Hyper tournaments, where again, more of your buy-in goes into the prize pool
  5. An interactive coaching tool, ‘MyGame’, helping players to develop their skills


Our new software includes a number of features designed specifically to make partypoker a fairer place to play, including:

  • Changed screen names, making historical data gathered for HUDs and tracking sites no longer relevant
  • New hand replayer which no longer stores hand histories in the partypoker software or on your machine
  • Deleted player notes, preventing old notes referring to previous screen names from transferring to the new screen name
  • Observe table is now switched off with the exception of certain promotional tables

Other Changes

  • New definition of permitted third party software, regulating what is permitted to be used on partypoker
  • Anonymous reporting of suspected collusion / cheating or bots (see form below)

Permitted third party software

The only third party software programmes that partypoker permit are

  • partycaption
  • StackAndTile
  • PlaceMint
  • Table Tamer

Use of any other programme is banned, and will result in account closure and subsequent forfeiture / redistribution of balance.

Requesting permission for a different third party software programme

If you wish to use third party software / app not listed above, please email with your request. Please include the website address of the software you wish to use. 

Note: We will not grant permission for any HUD, Seat Script or BOT software to be used.

If we grant permission for the requested software, we will reply directly to you, and also add it to our list above.

Reporting Collusion / Cheating and BOTS

Our dedicated Poker Fraud Team thoroughly investigates each reported case. If a high burden of proof is established, accounts in breach of our rules will be frozen. Funds will then be seized and redistributed to players who were affected by the account that was deemed to be in breach of our rules.

We operate a high burden of proof to ensure that erroneous or malicious reports do not result in wrongful account closures.

If you suspect any account is in breach of our rules, please report it to us using the form below. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Please provide as much information as possible, to help with our investigation.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team that proactively identify accounts that break our rules, including players who use bots and those who engage in collusion.

Our team collectively possess a range of skills and disciplines, which allows us to react to all manner of reports quickly and efficiently. We have former online poker pros amongst our team, who are familiar with the current poker landscape.

We take every report seriously, and invite you to provide us with the details of any player you suspect to be in breach of our rules. You can email us or fill in the form below, anonymously if you wish.

Please provide us as much information as possible to assist us with our investigation.

We take our role very seriously, and as such, reports that are clearly malicious will not be investigated.

Please enter the details below


Monthly Report

Results of our investigations will be published every month. Whilst we cannot share specific details, we will disclose monthly totals.

Our agents are continuously investigating accounts, and the majority of closures we make are as a direct result of detection by the fraud unit.

To illustrate, from December 2018 to March 2019, 76% of 277 account closures came as a direct result of detection by our in-house team.

The table below shows the number of accounts closed that were identified as bots or as engaging in collusion each month.

Also given is the percentage of closures resulting from player reports, plus the total sum of redistributed funds.

Month Closed Funds redistributed Funds redistributed .EU
Month: Dec-18 Closed: 76 Funds redistributed: $416,967 Funds redistributed .EU:
Month: Jan-19 Closed: 32 Funds redistributed: $126,029 Funds redistributed .EU:
Month: Feb-19 Closed: 27 Funds redistributed: $66,944 Funds redistributed .EU:
Month: Mar-19 Closed: 142 Funds redistributed: $124,913 Funds redistributed .EU:
Month: Apr-19 Closed: 94 Funds redistributed: $143,908 Funds redistributed .EU: € 34,546
Month: May-19 Closed: 42 Funds redistributed: $46,805 Funds redistributed .EU: € 3,598
Month: Jun-19 Closed: 67 Funds redistributed: $24,257 Funds redistributed .EU: € 8,888
Month: July-19 Closed: 121 Funds redistributed: $76,267 Funds redistributed .EU: € 88,351
Month: Aug-19 Closed: 48 Funds redistributed: $148,668 Funds redistributed .EU: € 29,495
Month: Sep-19 Closed: 16 Funds redistributed: $9,338 Funds redistributed .EU: € 3,368